It didn’t get recorded on a Garmin it didn’t happen. This is one of the quotes that I remember from back in my triathlon training years. Personally, I love being able to have data to look at! Today were going to discuss 4 of my favorite fitness apps.

  1. Garmin Connect – if you have a Garmin product then you know that if it’s not logged in your Garmin it doesn’t count. There are a lot of wearables out there, I have found that Garmin is my favorite for a few reasons. 1. Kansas City born and raised. Garmin’s world headquarters are in Olathe, about 15 minutes from where we currently live. 2. They started as a GPS company so their transition into the fitness wearables seams like a no brainier! The Vivoactive is capable of tracking Daily data, steps, sleep, and inactivity. GPS mode allows you. To track your swim, bike, and run. One of my favorite adding about this watch is the seamless golf GPS tracking ability. This watch is for people that love physical activity and enjoy all types. My wife and dad both utilize the features of the VivoFit. Steps and sleep are the two key features they like to track.
  2. Map My Fitness – This is one of the best free GPS apps there is. It’s great for tracking where you ran or cycled. You can run the app in the background while you listen to music. The lady in the app tells you your pace, distance, and speed. The mapping feature is great for tracking your favorite routs and distance.
  3. My Fitness Pal – I started getting serious with MyFitnessPal 4 years ago when I started using it for my health class nutrition unit. We record 1 full weeks worth of food and then compare it to our BMR and AMR from the Harris Benedict formula. MyFitnessPal has been able to help me keep my added sugar levels low as well as my other macro nutrients. Once you use it for a few months it gets easier to find the foods that you eat. Typically my diet consists of about 10-20 different meals so it is pretty easy to record the food that I eat.
  4. MyPact – This could be one of the most practical apps there is. Over the last 2 years, I have logged 1302 healthy activities. My pact is to exercise 6 out of the 7 days a week and record my food in MyFitnessPal 5 days a week. For each exercise or food log that I do not record, during the week I pay $5 into the pool. For every week that I successfully achieve my 6 exercises and 5 food logs, I earn money. Over the last 2 years, I have earned over $230 for doing what I already do. If you are able to exercise and use MyFitnesspal then this app is amazing. It syncs with several other fitness apps and is surprisingly easy to use.

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