(Photo credit to Kris McDonald during the Royals World Series Parade.)

We are coming off an amazing fall here in Kansas City. The Royals are World Series champions, the Chiefs won a playoff game and then came a typical midwest winter.  We are starting to have some nice weather again. This means that its time to get outside and start getting in some physical activity! No mater the fitness level of yourself or the age of your children it’s important to get out side and just plain have fun!

Winter season lags on too long with getting dark at 5pm and cold wind. There are only so many inside activities you can do with out getting bored or end up laying on the ground watching your favorite show. Even though you said that you were going to be doing setups and push-ups in commercials.

In no particular order, here is a list of our top 10 favorite activities to do in the early spring, with an almost 2 year old.

1). Neighborhood walks – These are excellent because you can stay close to the house and go home if it gets too cold or windy.

2). 30 min run with our BOB – Coming off a winter when I didn’t get hardly in cardio in prior to February, 30 minutes pushing a baby is a fairly solid way to get some calories burned!

3). Going to the playground – Walking around, climbing on the jungle gym, sliding on slides, teamwork monkey bars, swinging and walking across the bridge.

4). Riding bikes with our Burley bike trailer – riding bikes is fun and easy for most family’s. It’s a great way to get some quick movement in. We like to ride to go get lunch or head to the park.

5). Corn Hole – We have a great set for our back yard and have 4oz bags for our daughter to throw and carry around while we take turns throwing and helping her throw on the board that we are standing by.

6). Driveway basketball and little tykes car – Both of these were Christmas presents and have turned out to be a perfect 15-20 minute activity!

7). Little tykes slide – this is an amazing mobile toy some times we use it in the living room, basement, and the back yard. Up down, up down, 23 times in a row is our record so far.

8). Matt Ross Community Center – A family driven community center! $2 day care for 2 hours, indoor play area with slides and climbing areas. Our favorite activity is playing in the zero depth pool! Swimming is currently one of our daughters favorite activities!

9). Side walk chalk – Working on colors and letters is always fun! But when your outside drawing the. In the sun it feels much nicer!

10). Reading in our adirondack chairs – We have 3 adult chairs and 1 children’s size. Reading in the warm spring sun and breathing in some fresh air is a great feeling. We read anything from picture books, magazines, books for class, novels, and Vtech children’s books.