As you could guess in the life of 2 teacher/coaches, packing a lunch for 3 is simple. At first, it takes some time figuring out what fits in your bag, macros and how to make sure you can eat it in the 25 minutes we have in between classes.

The black and green monster bag is mine.  It is cheap, flexible and sturdy! Great for all sizes of Pyrex leftovers, sandwich materials, Nalgene bottles, and any other types of random thing I find to eat during the week. I have 2 typical lunches that I bring with me to work.

Lunch 1 – 2 pieces of natural whole wheat bread, natural turkey slices, mustard. 2 cups of baby carrots, small hand full of almonds, snack- protein shake, frozen steel cut oats, and detour/cliff bar. (November-March)

Lunch 2-  grilled chicken, fish, broccoli, and couscous. (Whenever it’s nice enough to grill)

The beautiful Kate spade bag- fits a good size pyrex container filled with whatever we had the night before and a fit Greek yogurt.

The OWL belongs to our PE baby. She has her sippy cup with milk and a 1 cup of fruit mainly grapes as of late. And a sandwich box container that is filled with avocado, turkey, noodles, and or protein, grain, and veggies! Also her 3 pm snack of cheese, crackers, banana, or other small 100 calorie item.